Amirabdollahian, M., Asghari, K., Chamani, M.R. (2011), “Type 2 fuzzy logic system in water network optimal design procedure”, International Conference on Information and Intelligent Computing (IPCSIT), Singapore.


In the past decades, Type 2 Fuzzy Logic System (T2 FLS) has been widely used in engineering applications. To outperform the Type 1 FLSs, T2 can be applied with dynamic uncertainties. In the present work, the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to design the least cost Water Distribution Networks (WDN). The performance of each GA generated network is done using iterative T2 FLS. This novel method enables the user to insert the imprecision in hydraulic criteria for the optimal design procedure. The GA based design algorithm of the two loop network from past literature is discussed in details where the uncertainty in head at network nodes are considered using upper and lower membership functions for each head linguistic variables. The designed network properties indicate the need to use Interval T2 FLS in hydraulic engineering problems.

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