LashkarBoluck, H., Chamani, M.R., Halabian, A.M., and Pishevar, A.R. (2012), “Simulation of water-clay flow in dam break with SPH method”, The 9th International Congress on Civil Engineering, Isfahan, Iran, May 8-10.


In the field of Civil Engineering, non-Newtonian fluids such as water-cement mix, SCC (Self Compacted Concrete) and benthonic are widely used. In this article, water-clay mix flow in dam break problem is studied numerically. Water-clay mix rheology is assumed as Bingham fluid. As the water-clay mix flow in the dam break problem is a free surface flow with large deformation, SPH method is used for the simulation. To verify the simulation results, the predicted results such as free surface shape and leading edge position have been compared with experimental data. The simulation is then used to determine parameters of motion which are difficult to measure in the laboratory. These results include exciting mass from gate position at each time step, height of fluid at a particular point, and leading edge velocity. The results also indicate that SPH method is accurate enough for simulation of non-Newtonian fluid flow with free surface problems.

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