Hadi Lashkarbolouk, Amir M. Halabian& Mohammad R. Chamani (2014), "Simulation of concrete flow in V-funnel test and the proper range of viscosity and yieldstress for SCC', Materials and Structures, Vol. 47, No. 10, pp. 1729-1742.

Simulation of concrete flow in V-funnel test and the proper range of viscosity and yield stress for SCC



Lashkarbolouk, Hadi, Halabian, Amir M., Chamani, Mohammad R. 

Journal Materials and Structures
Year 2014
Volume 47
Number 10
pp. 1729-1742
Keywords Self consolidating concrete, V-funnel test, Viscosity, Yieldstress, Bingham fluid, SPHmethod



The present paper highlights the flow simulation of self consolidating concrete (SCC) in V-funnel test that is used to determine the concrete filling ability and its resistance against segregation. Simulations were performed using a two-dimensional smoothed particle hydrodynamic (SPH) method to determine the discharge time where SCC was considered as a homogeneous Bingham fluid. The numerical predictions are lower than experimental data because of the assumptions of two-dimensional and homogeneous flow. Having the SPH method employed, SCCs with different viscosities and yield stresses were simulated to compare the discharge time with the suggested criteria in EFNARC 2002 and 2005 guidelines. Based on simulations results, the appropriate range of viscosities and yield stresses as well as a relation between rheological properties and discharge time for SCC taking into account EFNARC 2002 and 2005 guidelines are suggested. Using the suggested relations, one can assess the proper SCC filling ability without conducting the V-funnel test.


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