Farshi, F., Kabiri-Samani, A., Chamani, M.R., and Atoof, A. (2021), “Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in Curved Compound Open Channels”, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 147, No. 2, pp. 04020099-1-10.

Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in Curved Compound Open Channels




An analytical model for evaluation of boundary shear stress in compound open channel bends is developed. Perpendicular volumetric elements are generated in all cross sections of a bend. Each element represents an equation with two parameters including secondary current parameter and momentum transfer coefficient, accounting for acceleration and internal forces. For each cross section with N elements, N equations with N unknowns of stream-wise depth-averaged velocity are derived. The boundary shear stress distribution is then calculated using the Darcy-Weisbach relationship. Applying available experimental and numerical data, different correlations are derived for estimating parameters of the analytical model, in compliant with cross section and bend characteristics. The analytical model predictions are compared well with the experimental results. The experimental models have trapezoidal and rectangular main channels with both curved and straight paths. The results seem to be acceptable except in some regions with some special conditions. Overall, the total results are satisfactory and the present analytical model can be used to predict the boundary shear stress in simple and compound channels.


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