2001 M.Sc. Graduated Jalali Jalil


Characteristics of supercritical flow on vertical drops with inverse slope downstream

Student Name

Jalil Jalali



Mohammad Reza Chamani
(Assist. Prof._Civil Engineering Department_Isfahan University of Technology)

Mohammad Karim Beirami
(Assist. Prof._Civil Engineering Department_Isfahan University of Technology)









In this study, characteristics of vertical drops with inverse slopes in the downstream channel and supercritical flow in the upstream channel, such as energy loss, pool and downstream depths have been investigated. Two types of flow regimes at downstream have been observed. At low discharges, submerged hydraulic jumps and at high discharges, supercritical flows are formed. A method is developed and four physical models of vertical drops with different heights and different adverse slopes are used for the comparison of the results.

It has shown that at low discharge, predictions of the method are closer to the experimental ones. At high discharges, predictions of energy losses are lower than experimental results. It seems that air entrainment is the main reason of these differences. In spite of increasing the angle of downstream adverse slopes, experimental and analytical results show that energy loss and flow depth in the pool and at the downstream section for a constant discharge or Froude number, increase. These hydraulic characteristics reduce with increasing Froude number at constant discharge.


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