Chamani, M. R. (1996), “An experimental study on skimming flow over stepped spillways in the developed region”, Conference on Civil Engineering by Iranian Students in Canada, Montreal, July 19-20, pp. 27-34.


Since the technical advances in the construction of Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams, stepped spillways have been recognized as the best alternative for handling flood discharges. When water flows down the steps, turbulent mixing and diffusion can produce more energy dissipation compared to that on a chute spillway. Although substantial investigative research have been conducted on the flow behavior in stepped spillways, the problems associated with the highly agitated stream require laborious measurement techniques. This paper presents interesting velocity distribution measurements as well as air concentration profiles in the developed region of skimming flow. This study has also indicated that the skin friction factor of the shear stress, that exists between the skimming stream and the recirculating fluid in the step, increases with the step height.

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