Rajaratnam, N., and Chamani, M. R. (1995), “Energy loss at drops”, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 33(3), 373-384

 Energy loss at drops

Authors N. Rajaratnam ; M. R. Chamani
Journal Journal of Hydraulic Research
Year 1995
Volume 33
Number 3
pp. 373-384(12)
DOI 10.1080/00221689509498578


This paper presents a critical analysis of the energy loss at drops. Using the results of an experimental study on three drops, several assumptions made by White and Gill in developing an equation for the energy loss at drops have been examined. This paper also presents some interesting measurements on the velocity distribution in the falling jet as well as in the sliding jet on the side of the pool. This work has also indicated that the loss at a drop is mainly due to the mixing of the jet with the pool behind the jet. Further, a method has been developed to predict the energy loss at a drop.

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