Kabiri-Samani, A., Farshi, F., and Chamani, M.R. (2013), “Boundary shear stress in smooth trapezoidal open channel flows”, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 139(2), 205–212

Boundary Shear Stress in Smooth Trapezoidal Open Channel Flows

Authors A. Kabiri-Samani; F. Farshi; M.R. Chamani
Journal Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
Year 2013
Volume 132
Number 2
pp. 205-212(8)

Best hydraulic section, Conformal mapping, Secondary currents, Shear stress, Trapezoidal channel

DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0000658


Semi-analytical equations were derived to evaluate the mean boundary shear stress in smooth trapezoidal open channels using conformal mapping techniques. This process tends to a complicated function that should be simplified based on numerical integration. Also, based on a mathematical analysis, an approach that divides the flow area into sub-sections corresponding to the channel bed and sidewalls is presented. In particular, the hydraulic aspects of the best hydraulic trapezoidal sections were characterized to estimate the boundary shear stress distribution based on the exact form of the interface between adjacent subsections. To validate our approach, the analytical results were compared with the results of model experimentation performed in the present study. The analytical results agree well with the experimental measurements and the results of former investigations.


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