Nabavi, S.V., Beirami, M.K., and Chamani, M.R. (2011), “Free Overfall in Flat-Based Circular and U-Shaped Channels”, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 17-24.

Free Overfall in Flat-Based Circular and U-Shaped Channels

Authors S. V. Nabavi ; M. K. Beirami ; M. R. Chamani ; M. Sterling
Journal Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
Year 2011
Volume 22
Number 1
pp. 17-24
Keywords Hydraulics, Flow measurement, One dimensional flow, Open channel flow, Steady flow



This paper presents a theoretical model based on the free vortex theorem that is capable of predicting the pressure head distribution at the brink of free overfalls in open channels. This approach is coupled with the momentum equations to obtain the end-depth-ratio (EDR) from which the discharge can be estimated. In order to illustrate its flexibility, the theory is successfully applied to flat-based circular and U-shaped channels. Using previous experimental data, the proposed method is validated.


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